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The agricultural engineering industry is a highly independent business sector - the mix of systems/plant engineering related products, (small) series production, customer’s highest quality expectations, occasionall extreme seasonal demands and global markets results in a complex business environment, in which lateral entrants usually need to be introduced.

The TriAhead executive coaching professionally prepares and supervises the first 100 days of an agricultural engineering executive in the field of production, logistics, design / development or marketing.

Our aim is to build up executives in the agricultural industry, preparing them best possible for changing demands and the exceptional, demanding business environment. As a result, a goal-oriented knowledge and a deep process and interface understanding is achieved.

The following topics are usually tailored to the needs of the manager and the company:

  • Agricultural technology Basics and terminologies

  • Company product range and application areas

  • Development processes, change and start-up management in the agricultural machinery industry

  • Production, Supply Chain & Logistics, Quality Management in European Agricultural Machinery

  • Marketing & Sales + Outbound Distribution

  • Smart Farming: Fields of application, interface requirements, current state of the art technology

  • Current trends

  • u.a.

In the design and conception of the coaching around the topic "executives in the agricultural engineering industry" is a in depth alignment between our customers and clients. Ordinarily, an initial meeting with the management, the candidate and the HR department takes place. As a result: a tailormade coaching, specifically branded for the future executive candidate.



The foremen and team leaders in the production and logistics sectors are particularly important in the agricultural engineering industry. They have an in-depth knowledge of the product, an extraordinary problem-solving skill and can initiate quality and efficiency improvements on a daily basis ... Unfortunately, they are in between management and staff, there is always a high degree of responsibility between the anticipated production output and the care for the employees. Especially when changes in production and logistics areas have to be accelerated, conflicts are (inevitably) programmed. Normally foreman and team leaders have received only very limited couching in leadership principles in their trainings.

  • Role understanding: tasks, competences, responsibilities

  • Work organization: management mishaps, hierarchy levels, cross-divisional functions

  • Leadership: leading, encouraging, demanding

  • Shop Floor Management: briefing, communicate, prioritize, delegate

  • KPI Management: productivity, quality, service, cost

  • Integration of new employees and temporary workers: individual training, trainings, coachings

  • conflict management

  • Change management

  • etc..

The focus of the coaching is the so-called process shadowing - the mentoring of particular foreman and team leaders during their working day with short trainings and feedback sessions. The employees should not be disturbed during their work, but be supported "out of the background". The outcome: a customised competence training, tailored to the individual and the agricultural engineering field of action.

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